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Supplements, supplements… where to start, everyone is getting crazy hyped about the newest product for weight loss, muscle mass etc. etc. Before you go crazy buying 20 supplements at once, first do your research, and find out what you really need. First on the list is going to be the whey/whey isolate supplement, whey comes from different sources, mostly it comes from cheese production, they do have whey in soy too, but i would avoid it since soy does you more damage than good, and its also the cheapest for producing. The reason why i put whey on the first place is because most people dont get enough protein from food, and they need to fit their caloric deficit so they can grow, if you do get enough protein from your food, than its not so important to buy whey, but its still good for you cause it also consists of  branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and glutamine. Some whey powders may even include vitamins and minerals which is great. As were just talking about amino acids they are definitely a good product to buy, they will increase your muscle recovery , give you more energy, help you with your gains and so on, our body has 20 amino acids encoded by the standard genetic code. Glutamine (also an amino acid) will help you with the same problems, and its also good for storing energy so you don’t get that much of a crash after a workout. You will definitely get help from vitamins and minerals (Multivitamin supplements) and omega 3 essential fats . Alot of people say that they get enough vitamins and minerals from their food, but is that really? Studies have shown that vitamin and mineral percentage in vegetables and fruit is to 50% lower than it was 20+ years ago. Vitamin D is the one that’s most responsable for diseases that ocure especially in the winter time, our body produces vitamin D with sun, and again studies have shown that people in california dont get enough vitamin D through sun, so that pretty much makes it impossible for most of us to produce enough of this vitamin. High intensity trainings can use more than 30% of your vitamins and minerals, so if you don’t get enough of them in, you won’t heal, therefore u won’t be better the next time u train. Next on my list or your’s will probably be a preworkout drink, u don’t need one, but it does work, however make a break for one to two weeks  after taking it for 2+ months, or else the effects aren’t  going to be as good as they were when u started drinking it. Most of the preworkouts are based on caffeine and amino acids, others include vitamins, creatine etc. Definitely check how much caffeine it has in it, and dont go too crazy about your servings, since more u take the more your body is going to get used to it, and then you’re pretty much screwed. I used to take a preworkout, i was definitely feeling the rush, energy,  and focus but after time i started to get crashes from it and believe me this crashes aren’t good. Since then i improved my eating, recovery time and i pretty much don’t need anything, i just have some caffeine pills (guarana) and thats enough for me for now. It isn’t an essential supplement so you don’t have to buy one. Then there’s creatine, alot of talk has been given to this supplement. I personally have taken it, and it gave me good results, fuller muscles, my strenght improved too. But because i took it for lets say 3 months and then i quit the gym for a while, alot of the results (Muscle mass) have gone after i stopped using  it. I don’t use it anymore, i would however consider taking it for a few weeks to a month when i’ll be cutting, since you tend to loose alot of water when u’re cutting, and you’re muscles aren’t looking that full. Like preworkouts this is not an essential supplement, it can give you good results, and it can also be bad for you, you’ll have to figure that out for yourself. Prohormones (test boosters, legal stuff) it does definitely do you good, but there has been some studies that prove tribulus does increase your libido but however doesnt help you with testosterone. I took it and still take it, has my testosterone levels got high? I dont know, did it help me? Hell yes, i feel better when im taking it, and it also helps with my metabolism. This are the main supplements, there are alot of other supplements but this ones are the most common ones, you also have alot of health supplements for instance glucomasine (helps you with your bone problems), you have hundreds of extracts that help you with cleaning your body for instance Saw Palmetto is used for cleaning liver. Others are meant for cardiovascular protection, digestive support, antioxidants, immune support, cognitive support, absorption help and so on. A lot of these health supplements will definitely help you, a lot of multivitamins include some of these, and if you’re looking to buy one definitely go ahead, its going to do you alot of good.

These are  the supplements that are most  likely going to get in your stack sooner or later. I would definitely put whey and multivitamins, omega3,  and other health supplements on the first place since these  will improve your recovery, your gains, and they will keep you healthy and ready for war (laughs). On the second place i would put BCAAa (except if you’re not drinking whey, than it’s on the first place). Creatine, prohormones, and all other go on the third place, u dont need them but however they will help you on your journey.

Thats it for now, again do your research first, try different things, and remember put food and training first, supplements second.

Low back problems, problems with bladder (Pelvic tilt)


Pelvic tilt is a problem which alot of people have, some just have bad form other have problems with urinating/bladder too. The reason i posted this is because throughout life i had a bad form, not terrible but not good either. In my first year of highschool i had problems with bladder(Not able to urinate even though i had to, urinating with breaks and so on) the weird part was that my results weren’t too bad, and they did put me in a hospital for one week to do some tests so they could figure out whats wrong. The test were ok, i had less problems because i drank more water, and the time that my problems were hitting the bar of lets say “pain” was when i was a geek (playing video games all the time), sometimes i had to go for a walk so that i could urinate, thats how terrible it got. Soon as i “left” geeking i had less problems and the results were getting better. The funny thing is the results weren’t so different from when i had problems and when they stopped. So after a few years, hitted the gym/street workout and recently my friend said “u’r form is bad, you have the same problem i have, pelvic tilt, go check it on you tube”… And so i did, and when i came across this video ( ), it all made sense to me… I hope this video will help you or someone you know.

Types of Pelvic tilt…

Anterior pelvic tilt is when the front of the pelvis drops and the back of the pelvis rises. This happens when the hip flexors shorten and the hip extensors lengthen.

Posterior pelvic tilt is the opposite, when the front of the pelvis rises and the back of the pelvis drops. This happens when the hip flexors lengthen and the hip extensors shorten, particularly the gluteus maximus which is the primary hyperextensor of the hip.

Lateral pelvic tilt describes tilting in both directions and is associated with scoliosis or people who have legs of different length. It can also happen when one leg is bent while the other remains straight, in that case the bent side’s hip can follow the femur as knee lowers towards the ground.

Left pelvic tilt is when the right side of the pelvis is elevated higher than the left side.

Right pelvic tilt is when the left side of the pelvis is elevated higher than the right side.

Your first gym membership…


You just bought your first gym membership. This could be heaven or this could be hell, depends on how you do your research. Most of you are more likely never done any activities involving strenght or and other sport activities. If thats the case you should definitely start working out your full body  few times a week, include bodyweight exercises and atleast a little cardio in your training, you should be good after a few weeks to a month, you need this because your muscles need to get to get the right muscle memory(yes mucle have memory, just like our brain).  Most of the trainers will give you the exact advice (if you have a personal trainer in your gym ofcourse). After the first month of doing full body and bodyweight exercises you can go ahead and do the »part per day« workout, which means you’re going to workout one body part one day a week, alot of you  will do two body parts, for example (chest, biceps) or (back, triceps). The splits are numerous, and it really depends how something fits your time schedule and how it affects you. Therefore u must try different splits to find out which one is the best for you. This type of training is the most common one for building mass, if you’re  looking to loose weight its best to do the circuit training and add cardio to your workouts.  Days of weight training per week should be from 4-5 in the start because muscles need recovery, on the other days its ok if you do some cardio, go swimming, cycling… but definitely have a day off, go for a walk, relax, go out etc. And again u must find something thats good for you, some people workout 3 days per week, some 4, others 5 and so on, fitness is really about finding whats best for you as an individual. Advices on exercises can be found on different sites such as and muscle& you will find videos showing you how to do an exercise correctly too, you even got some programs meant for either mass building, weight loss, training routines for different athletes and for both men and women. Your probably asking yourself what should i eat if i want to gain weight. Well first of all your plate is definitely going to have protein source on it, such as chicken, beef, fish, eggs, the second thing your plate will have is some carbohydrates for example rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pasta,  tortilia. Dont forget vegetables and fruit aswell. You should eat 5 meals or more, that will keep the metabolism going, and you’re going to have less problems with your stomach, and if you eat the right food in this meals it will definitely prevent you of getting  that fat u never wanted. Plus you have to drink a lot of water, some green tea will do your metabolism alot of good. The meal before your workout should definitely have some protein and carbs, you need to have energy for your training or else you’ll train like you just got hit by a car lol. The meal right after your workout must include protein and a small amount of carbohydrates, if you drink protein after your workout you should add banana or too. If you aren’t drinking protein, than just have your meal full of protein and add a small amount of carbohydrates to it, if youre scared of carbs, you can add some vegetables instead .  Why carbs after a workout, why? Because if you dont do carbs after your workout (atleast an apple or a banana) your cortisol levels will go high, cortisol is a stress hormon. You must of seen someone on ketonic diet, all stressed and tired, pretty much because of cortisol, and ofcourse no carbs before the workout. Once you got your food in place then u can start thinking of supplements, however it would be best for you if you just get your food right the first month in the gym, and then from that level u will know what youre missing (focus, more protein, better recovery…). I will make a post about supplements in the near future, so stay tuned for that too. As far at the workout goes, its good if you do a few minutes of cardio in the begining and after your workout, definitely stretch, but its better to stretch your body at the end because studies have proven that people who stretch before the workout tend to have more muscle injuries. A first set of an exercise should definitely be the one to warm you up, if youre doing squats just warm up wih a barbell without no weights on. Dont be the »pacient« in the gym who does everything wrong, do your research, ask somebody for help! Thats it for now, more posts coming, stay tuned.

Much love!

And don’t forget… It’s still your motherf*ckin set!!!


I would like to introduce myself at first, my name is Ian. I am deeply in love wiht fitness and everything thats conected with it. Altough this blog wont cover just the “gym” side of me as i will also be posting things i find good (music, art) and maybe ill occasionally write something about life too. Have a nice day, and i really hope you will enjoy my blog…