Gets me every time…

Gets me every time...


The Old School 70′s Bodybuilding Routine


Most of you know about Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Lou Ferrigno and a dozen people from the »aesthetic era« when bodybuilders looked like they were sculpted by Leaonardo da Vinci, in one word-perfection. Since then alot of things have changed, alot of enhancment drugs have been shown and with the birth of growt hormone and insulin the bodybuilders dont look as aesthetic as they did in the 70s and before.

Back to the track, aesthetic era bodybuilders had a similar if not the same workout routine. If you want to have a look at the whole routine go visit the link down below. Basically it consist of Chest&Back on Monday and Thursday, Shoulders&Arms on Tuesday and Friday, and Legs on Wednesday and Saturday followed by a one day rest(Sunday). A few weeks before they hit the stage, they would train twice a day. At the end of your workout you would usually do abs, forearms and neck exercises, if you want you can end them with calve or trapezius exercises too.

I tried this workout for a week and i must say its great, youll definitely benefit from it, both phisically and mentally. You’re definitely going to develop all of your body parts since u’r training one bodypart twice a week. But the most difference is in the chest and back. However though i just couldnt do that for a full year cause it does burn you out, i dont mean the muscles but the head, you feel overburnt . This is the only thing that got me thinking, shit if i was on gear this would be a perfect routine to do throughout the year. I advise all of you to try it out. One of the best routines that i tryed, and i will definitely be doing it soon in the near future. Some of you may laugh because i said you feel overburnt, but almost all people that tryed this routine did. That isn’t so weird though, unlike them we have jobs, school and other things to do. Mostly what they did was train, eat and relax at the beach. With some exceptions of photoshoots and interviews.

All im gonna say for the end is that the more i scrive for their routines, their tricks the more respect i have for them.  Stay aesthetic and train insane. Peace!

Workout routine link:



Everyone faces obstacles in life. Most of them are created by ourselfes or others who try to prevent us from doing something we either want or plan to do. Some of them are easier to get through others not. Sometimes life becomes a wall, or atleast we tend to look at it that way, but instead of crying about how we cant get through  that wall, think of it this way, if life can become a wall then why cant we become a big drill, and drill right through and leave that wall behind. The reason i love sport and support people in whatever they do, is because if theres one thing that I have learnt from sport is that you get through obstacles both physically and mentally. And once you do that in one part of your life, you can apply it to other parts. Before you get sad, think theres no way you’re gonna solve this, take a time to sit down, go for a walk, find out what  and how bad do you want something.

There have been numerous times in life when i wished i could put a bullet in my head, but thats not whats important, the important bit is the second right after this when i thought to myself, am i really gonna let things get in the way, am I really going to quit, am I really going to surrender. I sure wont because life has its treasures and im definitely going to find them and do whatever I want, if others can find themselves then why couldn’t I find myself.

Dont ever be afraid of doing things others tell you, you cant, if you have a dream pursue it and put your mind on the prize. We dont regret the things we’ve done, we regret the things that we didnt do. I dont want to be 80 years old sitting in the bar and beating my head up with things i could’ve done. For everything i was about to do there would be someone who told me i cant do it, and I still did it. I bet there will be someone who’ll say this blog is stupid and i dont know what i’m doing. Well it wont stop me, cause I want to do this, I want to write, I want to share my thoughts with people. If one person learns something from my blog i’ll be satisfied.

It’s your life, your decisions, listen to your heart and dont let anyone stop you from pursuing your dreams.