5 Forgotten Exercises

Lat/Chest pullovers

This exercise is definitely great to help building your lats, chest, your ribcage, seratus, stabilization muscles, and it also helps with your vacuum pose.


Arnold Press

This is simply one of the best shoulder exercises. The reason why is because it puts stress on all of your three heads, and it definitely can help you with your shoulder stability cause you twist the dumbell performing it.


Pinch Grip/Steve Revees Deadlift

This was named after Steve because he was the one that introduced this exercise. As a deadlift it helps you with your lowerback development, wider back and your definitely working on your grip while performing this. It’s also good for someone who has lower back pain since this is a more friendly version of a deadlift. Atleast in my opinion.


Abdominal Vacuum

Vince Gironda put his money on this if we can say so. This exercise is almost not an exercise though its very benefical to those seeking for ab strenght and trimming your waist. You can read more about it at (http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/ms-fit5.htm)


Front Squats

Wait a second this isn’t forgotten. Well if you’re in a weightlifting or a powerlifting gym it maybe isn’t but in most gyms you never see someone performing it.  This exercise hits your quads but besides that it’s also easier on your lower back, its a more natural movement, and you’ll improve your overhead power since this is a similair exercises, and ofcourse it also strenghtens your core. How to perform it (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVTkbggmxR0)



Stretching And Shoulder Problems

ImageEveryone knows stretching is good to prevent injuries. But there’s many types of streching out there. Studies show that stretching before a workout can lead to injuries. Which is logical if you think of it that way. For example you come in the gym and start to stretch, you’re not warmed up so you’re body isn’t ready to perform an activity which involves your muscles to either push weight or in this case stretch. However you have stretching thats done to improve your posture. Most of shoulder and upper body problems come when you haven’t got a good posture. You can improve your posture with this stretch type exercises (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTaFWFCqBzg). You can help yourself with a foam roller too. Its a great thing to do before and after a workout too, since it doesn’t stretch your muscle it relaxes it. So doing the regular streching for your whole body is probably best to do after a workout. Don’t forget to stretch after especially if you’re an athlete who wants to be moveable like a boxer or a kickboxer.

Shoulder pain is something alot of people have problem with either they work out or not. The reason for most of the problems is a bad posture. With the upper link and the first link below you can improve it. When that is done and your shoulders are in the right place, that means chest out shoulders held back you can focus on strenghtening your rotator cuffs. Check out the links below to see what helps with your shoulder pain how to solve it and prevent it from happening.

Shoulder posture correction :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnAsnVNh0C0

Shoulder rehab zone by Pharmafreak and Modus Health&Performance





Steve Reeves Full-Body Workout Routine


Steve Reeves, the man behind almost every superhero act there used to be, he’s probably most known for his role in Hercules. But aside from all the acting he was Mr.America in 1947 and as you can see in the picture he had a great physique .

His and also almost everyones training back in the day was doing a full-body training three times a week and sometimes even two days. So that means they had 48hours between workouts , and ofcourse the two day weekend break.

Alot of people advise full-body workouts for begginers, and that′s great. But don′t forget the fact that almost every bodybuilder that was around back in the 50′s and the early and late 60′s was doing this routine . And it turned out to be very effective. Just look at Steve himself, Reg Park, Leroy Colbert and the list could go on for ever. And dont forget that these guys were all natural back then. Because enhacment drugs in terms of anabolic steroids weren′t on the market until the late 60′s and early 70′s so they had no access to drugs . This was before Arnold and Zane days .

 If you take a look at my blog post about the 70′s bodybuilding routine you′ll see that i was feeling overburnt , and not physically but mentally . Take in mind that in the ” gold days ” guys were taking stuff, that ′s when splits were introduced to the wider public , and they still did every muscle atleast twice a week.

So why is the full-body routine that good. Pretty much you′re exhausted at the end of the workout, but you′re not feeling sore the day after, however you definitely feel full. Even on the days you′re not working out . This is a good routine especially for people with fast metabolism such as me. Another thing is if you know about protein synthesis which lasts for about 48-72 hours you’ll definitely know this routine has its benefits in terms of that.

The largest part of the training consists of compound movements such as bench press, military press, squats, deadlifts , rows. Exercise order follows by the opposite muscles. So if you start with bench press then the second exercise is gonna be a variation of a row or a pull up. Normally you start with your shoulders followed by chest and back, biceps and triceps, legs and calves, lower back and abdominals. Some people like to start with legs, but if you’ll start with legs  you won′t be stable when performing other exercises, and having legs at the end is beneficial cause they get warmed up before. So that three sets for legs execute you believe me. The link to the routine (One variaton ) is below. Have fun guys and keep on throwin them weights ′round .

Link to the routine (http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/mahler109.htm)