Powerlifiting competition

 So just recently I was involved in a powerlifting competition. It was organized by a group that took over one of the gyms in our capital city Ljubljana. Its called Športni Park Tivoli (it doesn’t just have a gym. The whole complex has swimming pools, boxing club, tennis courts and other sport halls for basketball, football…

 The first thing we did was the weigh in. Later on all the competitors gathered around and the main person responsible for the competition aka. »the boss« explained the rules and the order of lifts.

 The lifts that we competed in were squat, bench press and deadlift. Similair to a powerlifting competition but with a twist. Everyone had to lift theyre own weight  for as many reps as he could. So if someone was for example 170lbs he lifted 170lbs in all three lifts. For girls the number was half their weight , so if they weighted 160lb the weight they lift was going to be 80lbs. But unfortunately there weren’t any girls competing.

 The first ones to go were people who had the less weight following people with more weight. The first lift we did was the squat followed by bench press and deadlift.

 The competition itself was great, my legs were pumped as hell. And everyone was cheering for their oponents when the reps became tough. Gym staff was spotting us and also took photos of us. Below is a picture of me squatting.


After we all completed the three lifts, we gathered by the reception of the gym where we had shakes, amino acids and protein bars to feed our muscles.  All of this was sponsored by Proteini.si.

 The winners were awarded with one month free membership, sauna visits and shirts or shakers.

The »boss« gave us pancakes (Most of the competitors didn’t eat them, because of they’re diets… but not me, I’m bulking muahaha)

 As far as my experience goes. It was a wonderful competition, I had a good time. Positive energy, cheering like were making state records, and just a room full of people who love weights. I’ll definitelly be competing if they make any other competitions. And yes I didnt win, but I was quite happy with my lifts since I only train a little more than a year, and im on my bulking phase now. This was one of the competitions that wasn’t really all about winning, its about having a good time and throwing the weights around.

The gym: http://goo.gl/fwJvxK

  Proteini.si: https://www.proteini.si/sl/

 I hope you enjoyed my blog post…


Old school russian powerlifting program… THE GOLDEN SIX!!!

So It’s me again, with another workout program. It’s a oldschool russian powerlifting workout. It was passed to us by one of our members or should I say the boss of our powerlifting club by his russian trainer who taught him olympic lifts and powerlifting. I’m grateful to have people with experience around me to give me advice and pass all of this knowledge on us the younger lifters.
The program is based on the complex movements such as bench, squat and the mother of all the deadlift.

The program consist of 6 basic movements. The squat, bench and deadlift followed by bent over rows, shoulder press(behind the neck or military press) and the barbell curl. You can add exercises for your calves if you want to. Personally i added an adittional triceps exercise that focuses on the long head(skull crusher) since the long head is not worked as much as the other heads of the triceps.

This program is done three days a week, with rest days inbetween. So that means its Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You do 4 sets and 6 reps on every set. The key of the program is adding 11lbs(5kg) every week on squats and deadlifts, you can add this to the bench press if you can, but most people can’t. So on all other exercises you add 5.5lbs(2.5kg) every week. Because this workout is oriented to gain strenght you will have to have aproximatelly 2-3 minutes of rest between sets. The workout is done for six weeks. I’m going to brake down the program below.

Bench Press 4×6 (Adding 11lbs or 5.5lbs every week)
Squat 4×6 (Adding 11lbs every week)
Deadlift 4×6 (Adding 11lbs every week)
Bent over row 4×6 (Adding 5.5lbs every week)
Military press or behind the neck press 4×6 (Adding 5.5lbs every week)
Barbell Curl 4×6(Adding 5.5lbs every week)

This program is not for someone who has just entered the gym cause the lifts hit the central nerve system pretty well and they are very hard to perform correctly. Its for someone who has experience in lifting, and has a strong mind since adding weight every week is not so easy as it sounds. I wouldn’t do this on a cutting diet cause this requires eating like a BOSS since u burn huge amount of calories, and since carbs are the main source of energy for anaerobic activites such as lifting weights.

Who can gain something from this program?
Powerlifters LOL, weightlifters and any athlete or bodysculptor that would like to gain muscle mass and strenght.