Power hypetrophy routine

So since my last strenght program (the russian golden six) I have been doing this routine. You may seen it at Brandon Campbell, Layne Norton and recently Matt Ogus.

The reason why i started this routine was that I wanted a hybrid between strenght and hipertrophy so i could fit my bodybuilding workouts in the program.

It is a great program to gain strenght and muscle. The reason why this routine is so good is that you hit each body part twice a week so that can and does lead to better protein synthesis, you hit both your muscles and your central nerve system and you get a better muscle resistance.

This program has two parts, doing lower body/upper body split with first two days being strenght and other two days hypertrophy. You can split the hipertrophy days in three workouts of your choice. I changed the hyertrophy days to my time schedule and my needs.

This workout can be beneficial to anyone looking for strenght and muscle mass. I think that the best users are natural athletes, since you hit a bodypart twice a week.

I been doing this program for more than two months and raised all of my lifts since. I will probably get back to it when I finish the 6week strenght program from Jim Stoppani.

Anyways I hope you liked my post, all links to the power hypertrophy program will be below. Keep on training and going hard. One love from Alpha Owl (ex ancient aesthetics).




(Had to get a selfie in at least one post lol haha)



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