ImageMy name is Ian and I come from a small country in Europe, Slovenia. I am 20 years old and I like to workout. I am doing my personal training courses and in best hopes I want to participate in a bodybuilding competition one day.

I started working out a few years back but it was only a couple month of dirty bulking and pretty much I stopped for almost two years. I was more consisent with my workouts a few years later when I started with calisthenics or as I like to call it street workout. After working out outside for awhile, me and my friend made a team on facebook/madbarz called Extreme Bars Slovenia. We tryed and still try to encourage people to live healthy and work out anywhere and anytime.

I got back to the gym a year back in october 2012. Since then I had a lot of fat to remove and start rebuilding my body and my strenght again. I tryed different workouts had my ups and downs and so the tyme went by. I was getting some results but not what I wanted too until now. I dont eat 100% that I should but I try to eat as healthy as I can, and believe me it works. When I started to workout I had 60kg(132lbs) and now I have somewhere around 82(180lbs). I have a lot of weight to gain and ofcourse the cutting cycle after that.

I love to smash weights and try out different ways of training. I also like to help other with their goals, thats why I joined the personal training courses. I would love to be a personal trainer one day, live the lifestyle and help people. Ofcourse with competing myself and getting my goals done too. I strive for knowledge in this part of life and I really want to learn new things and get tips from wise people who experienced alot in the fitness game. I know it will be a hard and rocky road, but I will do whatever it takes to get there.

The gym has gave me a lot, not just strenght and muscles but also knowledge, wisdom and consistency. I have changed a lot since I started working out, I became more confident and self improving. I hope that everyone at least gives working out a try becasuse they wont be disappointed and they will get a lot from it.

To finish this post Im going to leave you guys with a quote from Arnold a man who lived and still lives his dreams…



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