Candito 6 Week Strength Program by Jonnie Candito

First of all let me apologize for not posting blogs for awhile.
Ill try to post more since it will be summer soon, and ill have more time.

6 week strenght program by Jonnie Candito is a program/workout regimen that uses periodization.
You can check the full strenght program in the link below and also donate if you want to.

Periodization is a building block for most powerlifting and bodybuilding training programs. It can help you in various ways, tear various muscle fibers, make u go beyond your boundaries when u hit a brick wall and also prevent overtraining.


Its done in a upperbody/lowerbody split however you can apply it to your basic program that youre doing now. Canditos version includes 4 strenght days though i changed it up to my power hypertrophy module from phat(described in of the previous posts). So i have 2 strenght/power days and two hipertrophy/bodybuilding workouts. It applyed great. It has weeks with 6 different types of workouts, u can check the whole workout on Jonnies site (Link down below).

The best week for me is the explosive week, u get your quick(type 2) fibers throuh the roof, and next week u bang out the weight u couldnt do before, and do it with confidence.

Its definitely a great workout, and i recommend it to anyone who wants to get their pr/s up and become a better overall athlete.

Jonnie Canditos site and workout regimen

Stay jacked till next post!
Alpha owl



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