Workout Playlist

What type of music do u listen to when u workout, leave your choice on the comment section bellow.

What do i listen to? Well i used to listen to rap alot, later on some house and dance music, and now i pretty much listen to 80s music, plus my gym plays 80s music aswell. And i dont know what is it with this music but it keeps me going. The songs have earcatching melodyes, they get you hyped and ready to “battle” throughout your workout but still keep you calm.I do listen to rap and house but rarely nowadays.

 Just imagine coming into a oldschool type gym, 80s are bangin on your phone(or on the gym speakers) and youre wearing a Rocky type clothing, simple cotton sweatpants, sweatshirt that ur dad used to wear. And u just end up kickin the weights and throwing them around in the style of Lou Ferrigno and getting your “arghh” face on. Isnt this just the best feeling in the world? Sure is for me.

Here are two good 80s playlists… (the second one is a disco mix so it has 90s hits too)