ImageMy name is Ian and I come from a small country in Europe, Slovenia. I am 20 years old and I like to workout. I am doing my personal training courses and in best hopes I want to participate in a bodybuilding competition one day.

I started working out a few years back but it was only a couple month of dirty bulking and pretty much I stopped for almost two years. I was more consisent with my workouts a few years later when I started with calisthenics or as I like to call it street workout. After working out outside for awhile, me and my friend made a team on facebook/madbarz called Extreme Bars Slovenia. We tryed and still try to encourage people to live healthy and work out anywhere and anytime.

I got back to the gym a year back in october 2012. Since then I had a lot of fat to remove and start rebuilding my body and my strenght again. I tryed different workouts had my ups and downs and so the tyme went by. I was getting some results but not what I wanted too until now. I dont eat 100% that I should but I try to eat as healthy as I can, and believe me it works. When I started to workout I had 60kg(132lbs) and now I have somewhere around 82(180lbs). I have a lot of weight to gain and ofcourse the cutting cycle after that.

I love to smash weights and try out different ways of training. I also like to help other with their goals, thats why I joined the personal training courses. I would love to be a personal trainer one day, live the lifestyle and help people. Ofcourse with competing myself and getting my goals done too. I strive for knowledge in this part of life and I really want to learn new things and get tips from wise people who experienced alot in the fitness game. I know it will be a hard and rocky road, but I will do whatever it takes to get there.

The gym has gave me a lot, not just strenght and muscles but also knowledge, wisdom and consistency. I have changed a lot since I started working out, I became more confident and self improving. I hope that everyone at least gives working out a try becasuse they wont be disappointed and they will get a lot from it.

To finish this post Im going to leave you guys with a quote from Arnold a man who lived and still lives his dreams…





Everyone faces obstacles in life. Most of them are created by ourselfes or others who try to prevent us from doing something we either want or plan to do. Some of them are easier to get through others not. Sometimes life becomes a wall, or atleast we tend to look at it that way, but instead of crying about how we cant get through  that wall, think of it this way, if life can become a wall then why cant we become a big drill, and drill right through and leave that wall behind. The reason i love sport and support people in whatever they do, is because if theres one thing that I have learnt from sport is that you get through obstacles both physically and mentally. And once you do that in one part of your life, you can apply it to other parts. Before you get sad, think theres no way you’re gonna solve this, take a time to sit down, go for a walk, find out what  and how bad do you want something.

There have been numerous times in life when i wished i could put a bullet in my head, but thats not whats important, the important bit is the second right after this when i thought to myself, am i really gonna let things get in the way, am I really going to quit, am I really going to surrender. I sure wont because life has its treasures and im definitely going to find them and do whatever I want, if others can find themselves then why couldn’t I find myself.

Dont ever be afraid of doing things others tell you, you cant, if you have a dream pursue it and put your mind on the prize. We dont regret the things we’ve done, we regret the things that we didnt do. I dont want to be 80 years old sitting in the bar and beating my head up with things i could’ve done. For everything i was about to do there would be someone who told me i cant do it, and I still did it. I bet there will be someone who’ll say this blog is stupid and i dont know what i’m doing. Well it wont stop me, cause I want to do this, I want to write, I want to share my thoughts with people. If one person learns something from my blog i’ll be satisfied.

It’s your life, your decisions, listen to your heart and dont let anyone stop you from pursuing your dreams.