Powerlifiting competition

 So just recently I was involved in a powerlifting competition. It was organized by a group that took over one of the gyms in our capital city Ljubljana. Its called Športni Park Tivoli (it doesn’t just have a gym. The whole complex has swimming pools, boxing club, tennis courts and other sport halls for basketball, football…

 The first thing we did was the weigh in. Later on all the competitors gathered around and the main person responsible for the competition aka. »the boss« explained the rules and the order of lifts.

 The lifts that we competed in were squat, bench press and deadlift. Similair to a powerlifting competition but with a twist. Everyone had to lift theyre own weight  for as many reps as he could. So if someone was for example 170lbs he lifted 170lbs in all three lifts. For girls the number was half their weight , so if they weighted 160lb the weight they lift was going to be 80lbs. But unfortunately there weren’t any girls competing.

 The first ones to go were people who had the less weight following people with more weight. The first lift we did was the squat followed by bench press and deadlift.

 The competition itself was great, my legs were pumped as hell. And everyone was cheering for their oponents when the reps became tough. Gym staff was spotting us and also took photos of us. Below is a picture of me squatting.


After we all completed the three lifts, we gathered by the reception of the gym where we had shakes, amino acids and protein bars to feed our muscles.  All of this was sponsored by Proteini.si.

 The winners were awarded with one month free membership, sauna visits and shirts or shakers.

The »boss« gave us pancakes (Most of the competitors didn’t eat them, because of they’re diets… but not me, I’m bulking muahaha)

 As far as my experience goes. It was a wonderful competition, I had a good time. Positive energy, cheering like were making state records, and just a room full of people who love weights. I’ll definitelly be competing if they make any other competitions. And yes I didnt win, but I was quite happy with my lifts since I only train a little more than a year, and im on my bulking phase now. This was one of the competitions that wasn’t really all about winning, its about having a good time and throwing the weights around.

The gym: http://goo.gl/fwJvxK

  Proteini.si: https://www.proteini.si/sl/

 I hope you enjoyed my blog post…


Your first gym membership…


You just bought your first gym membership. This could be heaven or this could be hell, depends on how you do your research. Most of you are more likely never done any activities involving strenght or and other sport activities. If thats the case you should definitely start working out your full body  few times a week, include bodyweight exercises and atleast a little cardio in your training, you should be good after a few weeks to a month, you need this because your muscles need to get to get the right muscle memory(yes mucle have memory, just like our brain).  Most of the trainers will give you the exact advice (if you have a personal trainer in your gym ofcourse). After the first month of doing full body and bodyweight exercises you can go ahead and do the »part per day« workout, which means you’re going to workout one body part one day a week, alot of you  will do two body parts, for example (chest, biceps) or (back, triceps). The splits are numerous, and it really depends how something fits your time schedule and how it affects you. Therefore u must try different splits to find out which one is the best for you. This type of training is the most common one for building mass, if you’re  looking to loose weight its best to do the circuit training and add cardio to your workouts.  Days of weight training per week should be from 4-5 in the start because muscles need recovery, on the other days its ok if you do some cardio, go swimming, cycling… but definitely have a day off, go for a walk, relax, go out etc. And again u must find something thats good for you, some people workout 3 days per week, some 4, others 5 and so on, fitness is really about finding whats best for you as an individual. Advices on exercises can be found on different sites such as bodybuilding.com and muscle&strenght.com you will find videos showing you how to do an exercise correctly too, you even got some programs meant for either mass building, weight loss, training routines for different athletes and for both men and women. Your probably asking yourself what should i eat if i want to gain weight. Well first of all your plate is definitely going to have protein source on it, such as chicken, beef, fish, eggs, the second thing your plate will have is some carbohydrates for example rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pasta,  tortilia. Dont forget vegetables and fruit aswell. You should eat 5 meals or more, that will keep the metabolism going, and you’re going to have less problems with your stomach, and if you eat the right food in this meals it will definitely prevent you of getting  that fat u never wanted. Plus you have to drink a lot of water, some green tea will do your metabolism alot of good. The meal before your workout should definitely have some protein and carbs, you need to have energy for your training or else you’ll train like you just got hit by a car lol. The meal right after your workout must include protein and a small amount of carbohydrates, if you drink protein after your workout you should add banana or too. If you aren’t drinking protein, than just have your meal full of protein and add a small amount of carbohydrates to it, if youre scared of carbs, you can add some vegetables instead .  Why carbs after a workout, why? Because if you dont do carbs after your workout (atleast an apple or a banana) your cortisol levels will go high, cortisol is a stress hormon. You must of seen someone on ketonic diet, all stressed and tired, pretty much because of cortisol, and ofcourse no carbs before the workout. Once you got your food in place then u can start thinking of supplements, however it would be best for you if you just get your food right the first month in the gym, and then from that level u will know what youre missing (focus, more protein, better recovery…). I will make a post about supplements in the near future, so stay tuned for that too. As far at the workout goes, its good if you do a few minutes of cardio in the begining and after your workout, definitely stretch, but its better to stretch your body at the end because studies have proven that people who stretch before the workout tend to have more muscle injuries. A first set of an exercise should definitely be the one to warm you up, if youre doing squats just warm up wih a barbell without no weights on. Dont be the »pacient« in the gym who does everything wrong, do your research, ask somebody for help! Thats it for now, more posts coming, stay tuned.

Much love!

And don’t forget… It’s still your motherf*ckin set!!!